Tuesday, March 11, 2008


It is finally official, my new position has been announced to my team so no more sneaking around and pretending.

I start the transition on Friday. I have to train my replacement starting that day and it will be a few weeks before I am out of the picture. So starting on Friday it will all begin. I will also be moving out of my area into another cube which is good and bad. The good thing is that I will be physically removed from the dept but I really liked most of my team mates.

My two big sales reps took the news with both happiness for me but were worried about their accounts. Cousin it does not know yet, she has to be handled "delicately" but I don't care because in a few weeks I can tell her to go fuck off!

today until Thursday I am at an off site training on project management and so far it is really interesting. So I am excited that this will start now and there is no more sneaking around.

Oh and I get to go to NJ next week..


Just Another Bad Hair Day said...

Yay! Bye bye Cousin It! :)

Superstar said...


Whooo hoooo!

Bye, bye,,,hey hey, good bye..na na na na,...na, na, na...hey hey hey, good bye!!!

Congrads on the promotion.