Friday, June 27, 2008

the 40 year old frat boys

Last night Diana and I had our monthly cooking date. We were going to participate (ie eat) the food and wine of Spain. I was looking forward to it but mostly because they were going to make churros and chocolate.

So we arrived and it was a relatively small class. The demo kitchen where we were in holds up to 15 people and there were about ten of us all women and all who were excited and nice to be able to get out and have a fun night. Then about 15 minutes into the class five middle age men loudly walk in. They too were part of the class. At first we thought they were gay (it is pride week here in Chicago so hey you never know) but it turns out that they were all high school buddies in town to celebrate a friend's retirement. One of the guys decided a cooking class would be fun.

They were kind of buzzed before class as they had a few drinks at a bar. Then they had a few bottles of wine. One guy A Mr. Clean look alike would not stop talking and his comments would illicit the others to participate. The chef (who I've had before) is awesome but his questions and comments put her way behind schedule. Normally, during the class we eat by 9, last night it was 9:30. She was a great sport and even though the guys were a bit loud and behaving as they regressed 20 years, it was a fun class.

At least there wasn't any gold lame wearing trixie!


Slick said...

Yeah but...

Would ya still had fun if I participated in the class?? You know me and my behavior!

Just Another Bad Hair Day said...

Excellent summary! Couldn't have said it better myself. :)

The Trixie element was certainly missing, but not missed! lol

We should have given those guys directions to Boystown and then to the hottest club in town "The Manhole" over on Halsted. LOL

Can you imagine them in there? I could totally see Mr. Clean and the other guy (Lipton) gyrating their hips to some techno!

Teriana said...

Reminds me of a story my baby boomer uncle told me. When he was in high school the boys were required to take shop and the girls home ec. So as a joke he and his buddies signed up for home ec and they were all promptly kicked out.