Monday, June 30, 2008

I will give them a stamp!

I have sufficiently calmed down to regale you with a tale of my intense dislike for one post office.

Our door buzzer is not working and as such, the mail carrier can't enter our building to delivery our mail. This has been a problem for about a week. So they have put a note saying as much and that they are holding the mail. (I will get to that point in a second). Well they delivered some mail on Friday because someone buzzed them in. But they did not deliver all the mail (I will get to that point too).

The bf has (had) contacted the developer who has in vain tried to get the electrician over to fix the buzzer. They are making every effort to get it corrected.

In the meantime, today is June 30, which if you live in Chicago, means that you have to have your car city sticker in place by tomorrow. So about 2 weeks ago I went on line to order and pay for the sticker. I need this sticker otherwise they will issue tickets. So I rang the local post office and was told that:

a-they have tried to ring the bell but nobody was home....duh most of the residents in the building work
b-that we CAN'T pick up our mail because it is against policy. Only if you have a PO box or a vacation hold can you pick up your mail.. If they allow ME to pick up MY mail then we won't be getting it fixed and they can't be holding our mail. but after 10 days they return it to sender!
Also how do they know that my neighbors won't be wanting to do the same thing. I mean after all it is OUR mail.
c-When they delivered the mail on Friday it was just that day's mail not the back log because it is too heavy for them So once they are satisfied that it is fixed then they will deliver the rest.

Classy huh? Holding mail hostage.

Well after 20 minutes, speaking with three people my patience was wearing transparently thin. I have names and I was told by a manager that even though it is against policy that I can pick up my mail.

Granted I would like to glance at my mags but more importantly I need that damn sticker.

Update-So I got to the post office at 4:50 and left at 5:30, the line was out the door and they had the slowest people working there. But I got our mail after the wait and the name dropping. Ironically I was told that I could not pick up the mail that was addressed to my bf but in the bundle that they gave me was his mail too. Oh and the buzzer is fixed.


Superstar said...

I HATE the US Post! In fact I go out of my way to make sure that I receive the least amount of mail possible.

I refuse to send out ANYTHING that I can pay online! I won't pay a bill that I have to mail in. I would rather wash pots and pans than to send a letter!!!

comebacknikki said...

Ugh. The post office can be a bitch to deal with. However, you will be safe for a little longer if they don't hand over your sticker - they don't start ticketing until the 15th!

Just Another Bad Hair Day said...

Ugh. I'm so sorry that you're going through this!

But on the bright side, the stickers expire today, but there's a 2 week grace period -- you really have until July 14th.

I still haven't even bought mine yet! Talk about a procrastinator!

Jessica said...

Oh, man. I never saw that coming. I thought you were understandably annoyed by having to go to the post office at all. But then for them to refuse to give your mail? That's insane!

The post office in the next town over won't deliver a letter to a P.O. box if it's addressed with the street address. They send it back as undeliverable instead, which is crazy. I can maybe see doing that in a huge metro area where the post office is dealing with thousands of addresses, but we're talking about a tiny little town here, where people know each other by name. My mom used to addresses letters to my full name and town with no ZIP code and they'd still make it eventually.