Tuesday, June 10, 2008

And now she is back....

I am back from my happy fun reunion weekend. It was good to see some people that I have not seen in years! It is interesting to see what people are doing and how things have changed. There was an air of familiar but changed surroundings. But all things change or so I suppose.

It was also great to be in the upstate region of NY. I forgot how beautiful it is to have mountains and hills. But at least I have the lake.

Of course the drama was with the actual getting to and fro. O'Hare was having serious issues (as always) my flight going was delayed about an hour and half and my flight coming back home was delayed by at least 3 hours. Plus they stop selling food at the airport that I was stuck in at 6 PM. I felt bad for the crowds (yep there were crowds) at O'Hare when I landed at around 10 pm, the gates were flooded with people and every food and Hudson news was open. However, as my plane landed in a thunderstorm, I suspect that many of the passengers were going to be stranded.

O'Hare sucks, it is the hands down worst airport ever!

The BF managed the house hold without me. He is awesome because while I was gone he:
-got my car detailed
-filled the gas tank
-took the dog to the groomer (she is sooo soft)
-unpacked boxes and bins
-put said bins in the storage room

All while the AC was out. Thankfully, we still had the AC and he was able to sleep one night. The HVAC guy came on Sunday and fixed the problem.

Yesterday, I was home catching up on the news, email, blogs oh and got a pair of tickets...for these guys. Well the BF did actually on my behalf.

He's got the right stuff and kept reminding me.


Just Another Bad Hair Day said...

Welcome back!

Ohhh my goodness. NKOTB. I had the pleasure of watching mall security escort and ban them from the mall I was working at because they started a fight with some mall rats. Or vice versa. Who knows.

My sister worked at the same mall and she kicked Joey and Jordan out of her store because they were trying to scam free stuff. Little bastards.

Diana said...

They had no food in the airport??? THEY HAD NO FOOD IN THE AIRPORT!!!

That'd be enough to make you wake up sweating and heart pounding, I can't imagine the horror in real life.

O'Hare does suck. I do what ever I can to avoid it if there's any possible way.

comebacknikki said...

I can see it in your walk
Tell ’em when you talk
See it in everything you do
Even in your thoughts....

Thanks...now it's stuck in my head!!! :P