Tuesday, July 08, 2008


My four day weekend is sadly over and it is back to the grind.

We had a very relaxing and no stress weekend. Friday we went to the 'burbs for a BBQ at the BF's dad's house. There were tons of food and we ate and ate and ate. We saw some fireworks on our way home but the best part was that we found a parking spot when we got home. That is a praise worthy event worth shooting fireworks!

Saturday was errand day. The cat has gotten oblivious to the water bottle so we had to get something more. When he gets sprayed he takes it as a shower and starts to bathe rather than stop doing what he is doing that got him sprayed in the first place. We got a nerf gun (although I am not sure about using it). It has his red target light which turns out, attracts the kitty, We have been playing with the light and watching Chaplin chase and attack the red dot. As of last night it disappeared under the bed....he is still looking for it. Good times.

We also went to see Wall-E. It was a cute movie and we had fun with it. We strolled around Evanston for a bit and then headed home.

But the monumental thing we did this weekend was to buy this:

Yes, we have a Wii. the BF was on line bright an early on Sunday and was one of the lucky 30 to get one. It has been fun for the two of us and all day on Sunday we played the few games that we got. Now I want (yes *I*) want the Wii fit! But we did go out to enjoy the sun. We took Yukon to the beach for a nice long walk. She loves her long walks and it got us out and it was a beautiful day to do that. The Lake was a beautiful shade of blue and it water was cool but not cold.

Yesterday we played official hooky (we both had vacation days so it was not like we called in with a fake cough). We went to The Chicago History Museum. On Mondays it is free so we went and spent a few hours wandering around. I really had a good time because it was when we left that I realized how sore my feet were. Afterwards, we went to the Spice House in Old Town and did not leave empty handed.

So overall we had a very good much needed relaxing weekend. I wish that I had taken a few more days but we have planned our vacation for August so that will keep me going!


L Sass said...

Yes! Now I know someone in Chicago with a Wii! I'll be over in a couple weeks.

Christina said...

Cool, I will make cupcakes!

Slick said...

I used to like the Wii until the kids force me to watch them play ALL damn day.

Ya'll sound like ya'll just go and go. You went to a musuem without being forced to??

You're so cultured! :)

Just Another Bad Hair Day said...

I want a Wii and the Wii Fit so badly! But I just can't seem to justify the purchase. Maybe a good bonus at the end of this month will justify the purchase. lol :)