Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back and forth

I have to head out to the east coast office today. Again for less than 24 hours and I am already tired when I think about it.

I will be back in Chi town by tomorrow evening and all of this is for a meeting that I called, I am such a glutton for punishment.

So last night in anticipation of my trip (and because we were so busy this weekend) I was the ultimate 50's wife. I did two loads of laundry, unloaded and loaded the dish washer cleaned the dishes that were hiding in the sink, scrubbed the sink so that it is gleaming, swept the floor, took a shower, folded one of the two loads of laundry, packed and went to bed. No wonder why I am tired.

At least it is a three day weekend coming up.....Thank God!


Nilsa S. said...

After the weekend I just had ... I need to be a 50's housewife ... for the next few weeks ... to get our condo back in order. Sigh.

Jessica said...

50s wife? I'll believe it when I see the photos of you sorting laundry in your pearls and high heels! :D

Cancel that meeting, girlfriend, and relax a little.

Diana said...

You're a good wifey. ;)

Jessica said...

Was thinking about you when the communications center went down and Midway and O'Hare were the hardest hit. Was your flight delayed?

Christina said...

Ye, I just need to quic my job, wear dresses more and get a set of pearls then I am all set to go!

My flights were thankfully unaffected. The incident happened as I was already in the air heading to Newark.

Teriana said...

You neglected to mention pushing the twin beds together and performing that other '50s wifely duty.