Monday, August 04, 2008

Monday re-cap

So another Monday and work week is ahead. This week will be a busy one because I have to head out to the east coast for one meeting. I will be there for less than 24 hours (but this depends on the sure as shit delays at the airports, really they are becoming so predictable.) Thankfully, I return on Thursday so I can sleep in an extra hour and work from home on Friday.

This Friday we went to Ravina, why didn't anyone tell me that the venue was awesome. We went to hear the CSO perform the music of the movies by composer John Williams. There were people dressed up as Storm Troopers, Harry Potter and other characters. We got our photo taken with some Storm Troopers as did the couple we went with. The music was awesome and we had a bottle of wine and some great sandwiches as we picnic'ed. My favorite piece was the Theme from ET because it brought up so many memories.

Saturday we slept in...we were so tired. Then we ran errands. Yesterday we went to the Andersonville sidewalk sale. Then headed out to a bar to see the BF's friend who was experience a very slow day as a bartender. Finally we went to get a book as I need something to read on the plane.

Thankfully we are off next week....vacation time

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Nilsa S. said...

Ever since Millennium Park and Pritzger Pavilion opened, I've pretty much stayed away from Ravinia. The sound system sucks. So, unless you have pavilion seats, to me, it's not worth going. Glad, though, you had an excellent time!

And I'm bummed I missed the Andersonville street fair. Had we not been running all over creation doing wedding stuff, we could've walked over there. Perfect weather for that kind of day!

Happy travels this week...