Monday, August 25, 2008

The winning weekend

Well after the weekend we just had the BF and I should play lotto!

On Saturday we had my company picnic and it was in the burbs at this campground. So there was a pool, huge fields, a DJ, bouncy house (or Moon castle as I believe is the new PC term), and a dunk tank. No, I declined a seat on the dunk tank but it was fun to see some managers and other brave souls at the hands of others. They had really good food and a raffle where I won a tote bag with a golf shirt, two mugs and two umbrellas.

After the picnic we went home where our neighborhood was hosting an art fair. There were some really good pieces out there and we ended up buying a hand blown glass vase. It looks perfect in our living room. It was a pretty afternoon walking around and just wandering among the different stores.

Saturday night we went to a fund-raiser for Lupus that was in honor of one of the BF's friends who has the illness and it is unfortunately out of remission. It was a stand up comedy routine with about 10 comics. One was horrible, I mean it was painful to watch him bomb. Three were awesome and the rest were in between the two points. During intermission the BF bought a few raffle tickets. So at the second half of the show they did the raffle where he won not one but two prizes. The first prize was a four week burlesque dance classes, his friends were high five'ing me and I was laughing so hard that tears were coming down my face. The second prize he won was a gift certificate at a local restaurant.

According to the BF, he is not taking these classes, even though they have classes for me. He will insists that I should take them. We even came up with my dancer name in case I make it big in the burlesque world.

Yesterday we ran errands and headed back out to the burbs to take his dad out to dinner for his birthday. Needless to say, my condo is a mess and I have to do laundry tonight because i have to pack to head back out east tomorrow for less than 24 hours again! There is never enough days designated for a weekend!


Jessica said...

What? "New" PC term?? You're not that much younger than I am. In the 70s, they were all called Moon Walks! :) Stop trying to make me feel old...

Jessica said...

Oh, yeah. And buy an extra lotto ticket for me. You're on a roll!