Tuesday, August 18, 2009

From the start...

I have decided to post pone some re-caps until we get some photos so that you can see parts of our day.

It was a whirlwind, so I am going to chronicle the days leading up to the wedding:

My bridesmaid j9 had the Hubs, my parents and I over for dinner. She made a feast for us and wanted to do something to help so she made us dinner. Everyone had a great time especially my mom and her husband who talked smacked about each other's NY baseball team. (Mom is a huge Mets fan aka anti-Yankee) so it was fun to watch.


We both decided to take Thursday off and since my matron of honor was in town, it was a declared girls day. We met her at the hotel where we had to drop some things off and then he did his thing and we did ours. So she and I headed back to our place and she helped me clean up and tidy up. It was so needed and it was fun to have someone just as silly as you helping out. Afterwards, we went to pick up the dress so, we headed downtown. The best thing that the bridal shop could have done was just give us the dress at reception which they did, MR was ready to tell the head of alterations off after the first incident that happened when she called me fat and said a few nasty things and then threatened to charge me for her mistake. MR is a Brooklyn girl so you do not mess with her girls. Thankfully, she did not get to use the speech she was preparing in the car.

Once we got the dress, we headed back to the hotel since she was the keeper of the dress. We laid it out and she started to get teary. She had not seen the dress nor have I showed them any pictures. She got goose bumps and kept hugging me. We of course had to call my mom who was at the hotel and she came up and we ogled the dress.

Finally, it was mani and pedi time so we went up to a spa in Evanston. Afterwards, Hubs met up with us for wings and we had a blast hanging out. Afterwards, she headed back to the hotel and we went home.

Around 9 we got a call from some of my friends who landed at Midway and were coming to stay with j9 but since she and her husband were at the Sox/Yankee game, they came to stay at our place until j9 got back. It was good to catch up with them for a few hours before the wedding since I did not really get to see them afterwards.

At 11:30 pm a text came in for me that was the biggest stress of the weekend….

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kilax said...

Ugh! It all sounds relaxing and fun until the stress... what is it?!

I can't WAIT to see pics of the dress!!! :)