Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The text and why I got so stressed...

So the 11:30 text….here is a bit of the background

A few weeks before the wedding, Hubs sent out an email to the entire wedding party telling them not to be late. As an aside to the groomsmen, he asked that they try on their tux at the shop in case they needed any alterations or changes. It apparently amused some people but for the most part put the fear of God in others. We had to send that email out because there was one person in the party who is notoriously late and he was a part of our day so if he was late I would kill him. (we are talking hours late not a few minutes).

So my brother (not the late one) was a bit nervous and asked us to pick him up from the airport so that he can try on and pay for his tux. Well he decided (against my pleads not to) to fly in on Friday morning. Flying into/out of O'Hare is never a smooth experience. I have had flights delayed or canceled more than I have had them leave/arrive on time. So I asked him to come in Thursday but he wanted to arrive Friday morning.

Well the 11:30 text…"My 8 am flight was canceled, re-booked for 1". Meaning that he will barely arrive with time to get the tux, shower and head to the rehearsal. Ok fine, we'll pick him up and drive like hell.

we woke up without a care In the world, we were getting married in one day. So we looked at our to do list and had to run an errand that included getting my brother, a back pack, picking up pies and a cake and then head home to get ready for our rehearsal. As per my brother, the flight was still on time so we went our merry way. Accomplished 1/5 of our errands when the phone rang…it was Hubs' brother. He was staying with a friend and did not know how he was going to make it to the rehearsal (he is a cheap-o and did not want to pay for a cab). so we agreed to pick him up, have him get ready at our place and take him with us. Except, when we got closer to his friend's place he was out to lunch! We finally picked him up and then went to pick up pies. Traffic in Chicago was a nightmare. It took us almost 4 hours to get 4 things done (we picked up my brother's tux without him)!

Well that 1 pm flight that my brother was scheduled for left on time did a circle and landed back at the original airport. Engine problems…he was not sure when the next flight would be. So he has me freaking out, my mom and I were on the phone nonstop. Although at this point it was more her and my brother figuring out what to do. I felt like vomiting and was so stressed out.

Finally, I am home, showered and ready to go to our rehearsal, the Hubs is showered and ready to go, his brother is showered and taking a nap!

We woke him up and raced to our rehearsal (we were late which was a joke considering the email). We had the rehearsal (with stand ins for my bro) , I got to talk to some wedding party members who I have not seen in ages, and we headed out to eat.

The dinner was nice and loud with my nieces dancing around and the wine flowing. My father-in-law gave a lovely speech and our party loved their gifts.

The fate of my brother at this time is unknown...


Your #1 Jen said...

Haha! This is great stuff, Christina! Thanks for the play-by-play.

And glad this was only a wedding and not something serious like brain surgery! :-)

Non Sequitur Chica said...

Oh my goodness this would totally have me freaking out too!! I'm hoping that this story has a good ending....