Monday, November 09, 2009


So I got a comment in Russian, my first ever. Ironically it is anon and it was in Cyrillic so, I translated it and it says:

Let us officially by agreement make on the physical persons and colleagues of the enterprises of passage in the metro into the network of the supermarkets of the metros cache and Kerry: passage in the metro with your photograph (it is done with you in the very store OF THE METROS), with the serial number, by the code, by magnetic strip, by the name of the organization, from which you will be by us registered and designed. You can carry out two people with yourselves. The cards of metro take shape: to the citizens of Russia and foreign [grazhdan].[Oformlenie] is produced without [predoplaty], i.e., at first we record you, you obtain the maps of metro to design the cards of the metro, then you pay. Payment is produced during one workday after formulation through [Sberbank] RF, the supermarkets [M]ETRO Of cash and C[a]rry work [kruglosutochno].[Srok] of the action of the map of the client of metro of 3 years, after this period agreement renews through a mutual agreement of [storon].[Dlya] of the rendering of this service we we find organizations, which have vacant places in these shopping centers, and we conclude with them the appropriate agreements, according to which the organizations [obyazuyutsya] to grant to you the right to use their places in these hyper-fogsalmon with period for three years. Formulation and registration are produced in the different German shopping centers [M]ETRO Of cash of & C[a]rry, on the selection of legal persons in accordance with their territorial location. After obtaining passage into [met]r[o] in one of the German stores of the metros [Kesh] and Kerry you can it use in any other stores of this network of the shopping centers [M]ETRO Of cash and C[a]rry in Russia and abroad. [url=] AS TO USE THE MAP OF THE STORE OF THE METROS CACHE! mordant! [/url] [url=] dishes for the restaurant the store of the metro! fresh fish! [/url

Anyone venture a guess to what it means?


Jessica said...

Sheesh! How can I translate if you don't even include the proper Cyrillic for me?? ;)

Non Sequitur Chica said...

I got a Russian comment the same day too- instead of translating it, i just deleted it! That's odd.

Jenny G. said...

I don't mean to sound facetious, but how long have you been using the Internet? (And as an aside, I sure hope your computer's OS is a *nix or Mac flavor)!

I ask because from your blog entries in general you seem moderately aware, but given what you described in this particular post, you're apparently quite naïve regarding the ubiquitous Russian
bot and malware
implants against which an entire arsenal of Windows AV/malware protection is often totally impotent.

Blog comments like the one you described are at best harmless SEO attempts and at worst dangerous bot bait. Either way, delete them immediately, and never repost any links contained therein.

Good luck, Christina — and I also hope you didn't click on that .ru link! ;-)

Christina said...

I am aware that it is spam and refused to publish this comment or any comments that are anon.

I did not open nor pass any links to the original post.