Monday, February 15, 2010

A Random 5

Things have been very quiet lately. It seems that all we have been doing is getting up, walking the dogs, work, walk the dogs, eat dinner, walk the dogs, sleep and repeat.

But here are a few questions that I have been wondering about:

1-If you could compete in an Olympic winter sport, what would it be?

I always longed to be a figure skater, I used to take skating lessons yet, did not have the skills nor patience to even attempt to make it.

2-Do you think valentine's day is overrated?

In a way yes, I think that it is just another day. when I was single it would sometimes sting, especially when your co-workers would get flower boquets that were non stop. But as I have gotten older it is just another day with my loved ones.

3-What are you tired of hearing about (news wise)?

I am so tired of the health care debate. All this talk of us vs them really annoys me and then when they talk about bipartisanship while pointing fingers....well who is calling the kettle black?

4-What is your quick go to homemade dinner meal?

It is tacos! Although I never underestimate a good panni or grilled cheese sandwich.

5-What is the best piece of advise you were ever given?

People will never act (or react) in the way you want them to. But you are in charge of how you will respond.

Your turn...and are there any answers to questions that you want to know?


Christina said...

I accidentally deleted Ki lax comment but here it is...

I love #5. I need to keep that in mind.

I would love to hear more about your old life in NYC and how you ended up in Chicago!

Anonymous said...

i'm tired of hearing about the health care reform too. until they come up with a REAL solution i don't want to hear all their bs and spinning! i would definitely want to be a figure skater too :)

Christina said...

MTLTL: thanks for your comment. I would rather hear about the solution rather than the argument! Thanks for stopping by!

Diana said...

I'm almost 39 and I still have figure skating career fantasies!

Sometimes when I hear a good song on the radio I think, "that would be a great skating song" and I start imagining a routine, costumes, the whole bit.

And I've never ice skated. Ever. lol

Jenna said...

I actually like Valentine's Day. Only because I am selfish and don't do nice things for my husband enough. I need the reminder each year to do something out of the ordinary.

Also, I liked watching the figure skaters because they had such pretty outfits.