Monday, March 15, 2010

Ugh, colds suck

I am being kicked in the ass by a nasty cold. Hubs got it from a co-worker and last week was his time to be miserable and now it is my turn. I am dealing with a head cold that affected my ears, nose and throat.

However, the hubs has been so wonderful. He made me dinner and dessert (lemon cake) after cleaning the apartment on Saturday. He did the grocery shopping so that I can rest yesterday and took the dogs out all weekend without me. I helped out by making chicken stock (the best smell when you are sick) and washing the floors. He was just wonderful.

Since I can't take any cold meds because they cause some negative reactions. I have been resorting to home remedies:

-Teaspoons of honey for my throat
-Chicken soup
-Lemon juice (a lemonade basically)

What are some non drug remedies that work for you

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Jessica said...

Steamy shower to clear your nasal passages.