Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Random but good

There is no major big stuff happening so here are some highlights
  • The hubs and I have decided to de-clutter the condo. I would love to get a dumpster and just toss out things but that is not going to happen (for now). So we spent part of the weekend going through old paperwork, cleaning out the front closet and the cabinet under our bathroom sink.
  • On a related note, we have enough body wash and soap to last at least 3 years...I wish I was joking
  • We found our bug spray and sunscreen (not expired) for Hawaii, so no need to go shopping
  • I have so many dresses from my pre-wedding "I need dresses for events" shopping last year that I do not have to go shopping for Hawaii. I am so happy about that!
  • Because of our upcoming trip, I got motivated to go to the gym. I ran and took an abs class. I am not as sore as I expected to be. The abs class was kind of a bust, I may replace it with pilates again.
  • My puppies have been so good lately! They have been really loving the warm weather and the new smells that they have been using their energy outside which makes inside time a lot less crazy. (Now watch, I put it out in the universe and for the next week they will be demons)
  • My parents are going to Egypt next week on a tour. It is so cute to hear how excited they are. My dad was telling me that he is glad he does not wear contacts because of the sand and he read that in his guide....and he found in his guidebook a small shop he wants to check out that sells papyrus, oh and that he can't wait to see what souvenirs they sell at the Sphinx. Mom is more excited for all the shopping that she did! It is really cute
So what is going on in your world?


kilax said...

We seem to accumulate body wash too... but not the kind I like! ;)

How awesome that your parents are going to Egypt and are so stoked for it! :) I hope they have a great time!

Jessica said...

Whoa, going to Hawaii? How'd I miss that?? Man, I'm working TOO MUCH and not keeping up with the blogs well at all.