Monday, February 21, 2011

Bits and bobs

It has been a few weeks since I blogged and here are some snippets of what has been going on:

Last week I applied for a job that I would be great at, it combines my two main job experiences into a unique role. I am still waiting to hear back but I have my fingers crossed. My current job is less than stellar on so many fronts.

I became an aunt, a few weeks earlier than expected. The Hubs' brother and his wife welcomed a baby boy last week. The baby and mom are doing well, he is going to spend at least another 10 days in NICU.

We are starting to plan our vacation(s) this year and are looking at few places including San Francisco, Boston/NH and Miami. On the long "would be nice list" we have Spain, England, Ireland, Virgin Islands and Italy. So the research has begun.

Our taxes are done and can we say helloooooooooo refund.

So what is going on in your world?


KT said...

Crossing my fingers that you get the job!

That's great news about your refund...we have done almost all of our taxes but are waiting on a health insurance form for the time that we lived in MA. Otherwise I think we are done and will be putting our refund towards the new puppy! :-)

Jessica said...

Good luck. Congrats! Jealous. Taxes will be finished on April 17, I'm sure. Dieting again. Bleh.

kilax said...

Yay! Have you heard anything about the job? :)

Christina said...

no word on the job yet, it is still posted so I t ink that they keep it up for a few days/weeks and then look at the entire pool of applicants and make the calls.

Fingers and toes crossed!!