Monday, February 07, 2011

Digging out

So I am sure everyone has heard of the top three blizzard that hit the Chicagoland area last week. Hubs and I hunkered down and rode it out. We are both fortunate to be able to telecommute so we were able to remain functional in our sweats and only venturing out to take the dogs out.

Yukon was in snow heaven, she adores this type of weather and was so happy to be able to bounce around in the white goodness. Rosie, not so much, even in her pink coat and her shoes, she was not a happy camper. Wednesday morning, she had to be carried out because the snow was taller than she was. So each walk consisted of one good dog who went immediately and one dog who did not, thus requiring many more walks and each walk with a plea to "do business" even bribery of treats did not always work. So subsequently, there was some extra laundry last week.

We dug out the car a little each day. The plow finally came down our street on Friday. I was all set to go to work today but I have been having a case of the dizzies. It probably was best to work from home today.

Well spring is 5 weeks away and I can not wait!


Karen said...

We had a lot of snow here in the NYC area, but you guys really got slammed!

kilax said...

I hope your dizzies went away and you are feeling better!

I feel bad for all of those poor pups who don't like the cold! They probably go outside and think "WTF?!"

comebacknikki said...

I am so, so glad it's finally starting to melt! That storm was just evil.

Rosie looks adorable in her boots! :)