Sunday, July 01, 2007

Lazy like Sunday

We have had a very lazy weekend! It was great sometimes you just need that.

Yesterday we just did a few things around here which included me going off on Comcast (they are fuckers) and a nice BBQ at one of the BF's friend's house/

Today we did nothing well not really nothing we ordered our tickets to NY for my brother's wedding, cleaned the office a bit, making pasta sauce, and watched the Diana concert on VH1. I am in awe that it has been 10 years since her untimely death.

But at least this week will be a long slow week with a few highlights like the fourth with friends, the Police at Wigley and I am off on Friday so a three day weekend!

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Jessica said...

I wish I would've planned my week better. I work Monday and Tuesday, have Wednesday off, work Thursday and took Friday off. Why didn't I take Thursday off too?