Monday, December 31, 2007

2007, what a year!

Well it is the last day of the year and here are some highlights:

-I am still with the best BF ever, and love him more each day.
-We moved into our place. We are still unpacking but we have spent this past week cleaning and organizing and now our place looks better than ever.
-I got into a car accident and ended up with a new car by default
-I had emergency surgery
-My company was sold and I was one of a few people that they wanted
-My brother got married
-I turned 31
-We got a cat
-I finished my MBA!
-My uncle passed away
-MR's mother and dog passed away
-We had a great vacation

My greatest 2007 achievement
-Finishing my MBA

My favorite memory
-The random memories with the BF, looking at cats, eating out, movies and trips

My best purchase of 2007
-The car, not desired but needed
-My haircut

Biggest change of 2007
-Living with the BF

Daily favorites:
-Getting kitty kisses and nuzzling with the dog. BF cuddles

Favorite new hobby:

Favorite old hobby
-I want to say painting but I have not done that in ages so reading books that I want to read

Newest places visited
-Mexico, Belize and Key West

For 2008 my goals or expectations are:
-School debt
-Still mumbling how I have dog and cat hair on everything that I own
-A new job
-More time in the gym
-More cooking classes
-another great vacation
-reading more books
-More time and laughs with the BF and the fams.

I hope you have a great new year!


Jessica said...

I'm dying to know whether you expect to follow your brother's example into matrimony. :) I suppose it's none of my beeswax, but I'm just too nosy for my own good. (If this comment don't get approved for display, I'll know why.)

Christina said...

We shall see, watch this space....