Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Vacation update

Ok, here is what I promised our vacation re-cap

We arrived in FL a day before our cruise and checked into our hotel. We had a great uneventful flight and left 4 degree weather behind us. We just hung out at the hotel, rested, ate watched tv and took a dip in the hot tub.

We boarded our ship the next day:

We got there early and were able to explore and get a bite to eat. Then we had our spa treatment. We got our hands and feet massaged, a facial, eye treatment and wash and style. It was a great way to start our holiday.

The first few hours were interesting. Most of the cruisers were older and I joked that we had half of the Boca retirement community. There were "Members Only" jackets all over the place. I mean all over the place, I have not seen so many jackets in one place other than the cheesy 80s movies!

At dinner we were seated next to Blondie and her boyfriend "punch me face" (PMF). The VF called him that because he had such a frat boy attitude and look. He looks like when he gets drunk he gets in a brawl. She was blond and you could tell that she had self esteem issues. Throughout all our meals next to them you could tell that they are not used to good food. When they got a sorbet at one meal they looked at it and could not quite figure out what it was and poked at it They saw us eat it and then they figured it out. They complained at every meal, either our food was out sooner than theirs and they ordered sooner, they did not like the salad so they ordered a new one, he drank at least 3 beers a meal and one night ordered and ate two steaks. It was fun to watch

The next day we arrived in Key West:

It was a great port. We walked around the area and did some shopping. We found our way to the Hemingway house and got to take a tour and pet some six toed cats:

Since we had to be back at the ship early we had plenty of things to do as we headed to Mexico. So we played bingo where the BF won a game. We played a few games in the casino, wandered around the ship, and sat by the pool. It was a hard life! We got all pretty'ed up and we had our formal night at the dining room.

The next morning we woke up off the coast of Mexico. We took our rough and very stomach turning tender to Playa de Carmen and off to the Mayan Tulum ruins that were left by the Mayans. On our way we had to stop for a bathroom for the obligatory break that happens to be in a store where "if you want you can buy a few mementos". We did so much walking and it was such a beautiful site off the Caribbean sea, there were some iguanas hanging out as well.

After the tour we went to the ferry to go to Cozumel. I was unimpressed. We took another tender back to the ship. When we got back we were so tired. I mean tired, we both fell asleep before dinner and then got up for dinner and our daily stroll.

The next morning, we were in Belize and our task for the day was to sit on a beach in a private rustic island:

Then we headed to the port for more shopping and wandering. That evening we departed for Florida again. We spent the next day cruising and had our seaweed massage. It was a day of pure relaxation and pool sitting.

The next day we headed home. Our experience was interesting at the airport, we got there super early (like 8 hours early) and had to wait until 4 hours before our flight to check our suitcases in so we got to people watch. So then 12 or so Russians that arrived, they were older and we interesting. One was obviously the mama and she had a walker with a seat on it (this is key). So the heaviest Russian aka spokeswoman and in rough English she walks over to the couch and says that the the mama is old and needs to sit. So people move and make room for mama, then spokeswoman asks the people how long they will be sitting there? One guy looks at her and mentions that he plans to be there for a few hours. Within the hour most people left so they conquested the sofa.

Then it is lunch time and they pull out bowls and utensils...that they stole from the ship that they were on! Two of the men began to play chess on a board game that they stole from the boat as well! Th BF looks at me and says "they fleeced the joint" followed by the foreshadowing, "I bet you that they are all on our flight". But the fun was just beginning.

Then it is time to check in the bags and that was a fiasco. I felt bad for the poor gate agent. Then mama, could not walk so she need a wheelchair. While they were at it, two more wanted wheelchairs too. I mean this airport was tiny but their wishes were accommodated. So they then a few hours later all were wheeled through security to the gate. Where when they boarded the plane had to board first. And in typical fashion, the spokeswoman and her meager husband sat in front of us. Where it was fart central. Oh my god it was horrible!

So we arrive in ORD after a long rough bumpy flight. The flight attendant comes on the system and mentions that there have been a request made for eleven wheelchairs. Now to be fair there were two women who had a medical reason for them. The rest, expect one, all went to the Russians where they all were wheeled to baggage claim where by the power of God they could lift their stuffed with stolen items suitcases and walk unaided to the parking lot!

Fun, it was bitter cold and snowy when we arrived and we were sad that our vacation is over.

I wanna a private island!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures!

Looks like an awesome time, besides having dinner beside Blondie and PMF.

Awwww, and look at those toes! :)

Christina said...

Thanks! the nail polish turned purple in the sun! It was fun to see my toes change forma light pink to bright purple!

Anonymous said...

Popping in to wish you a Merry Christmas :)