Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Almost done

With the photos that is, I know you want me to tell you about our awesome vacation and I am almost there!

I will dangle these facts so that you can eagerly wait for more trip details:

-We saw 3 "member only" jackets in the course of 30 seconds
-It is amazing how "crippled" elderly men can dash up the stairs to the hot tub
-We sat near a couple at another table for dinner that we dubbed "Punch me face" and Blondie. They provided us with entertainment during dinner.
-The BF won a game of bingo (and was dutifully scorned by the fellow players) and $74 which we lost part of it at the Casino
-I won $3 on black jack. I am now an addict...well I was down a dollar 1 day and I would not sit until I won it back damn it and then some. I am content with my winnings...I now want to go on the Riverboats, the BF is now worried
-FLL airport smells like Ben Gay and Urine

So all, I will have more later with photos to make you all envious. Hell, I am envious of my last week self!

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