Monday, May 26, 2008

Getting my hands dirty

Our neighbor set up a lovely window box the other day that the BF and I have been wanting to do.

We've been growing basil, lavender and thyme in our sunroom but decided to grow a herb garden with some flowers.  So we have inpatients, cilantro, rosemarie and marigolds.  I was quite please to start to grow a garden.

The BF also rearranged our office and I started on some boxes.  It has been a very mellow weekend.

On Friday we made our contribution to the Indiana Jones franchise and wandered around Evanston.  

The cat has developed a nasty habit, he has now decided that 4 am is prime time to be up and annoy the parents.  So he has discovered that knocking down what every mom has on her nightstand is sure to get a reaction.  Just like clawing at the closet.  The water bottle has been strategically hidden and he sure gets upset when he gets sprayed.  Just as we get upset when we can't fall back asleep at 4 am!

It was a much needed and lovely weekend with plenty of extra hours to catch up on the much abridged sleep.  


Diana said...

Kitties are pure evil. Lovely and cuddly, but still, pure evil.

Jessica said...

Well, you can try to look on the bright side. A newborn would be up at midnight, 2am, and 4am, which makes the cat infinitely better behaved.

Christina said...

Diana-Yep, as much as I adore him he can be a pain

Jessica-You are so right! But lately my bio clock has started to tick abet slowly. So I guess I should get all the sleep I can now.

Teriana said...

Well, okay. Just as long as you're not growing any other kind of "herbs" in your garden.