Thursday, May 15, 2008

I heart My GPS

I made it to and fro from the Garden State.  My Garmin got me to the office, the hotel and the airport with no problems.  Plus it helped me avoid some tolls.  Garmin rocks!

I saw my parents while there and it was good to see them.  The last time that I saw them was at the funeral a few months ago.  My mom just got back from visiting her family in South America and was brimming with tokens and gifts.  The best one was a pair of custom made shoes.  I sent my aunt this picture and when my mom was there they went to the shoe guy.  He is a cobbler who makes custom made shoes and took the photo and made a pair for my feet.  They fit and look awesome.  Plus as not he has my mold he can make me any shoes that I want.  It cost about $35 and are just beautifully made.

My parents took me out to eat and it was nice catching up.  I was really missing them but did not realize it.

Tomorrow starts my work from home one day a week.  It will rock!


Teriana said...

I call me GPS Lucille. That way I don't feel so weird when I talk to myself while driving.

Christina said...

I am thinking of a name for mine. It is definitely a she...I even use the british accent voice