Saturday, May 10, 2008

List o errands

Saturday is errand day and we only had three places to go.  The first being Best Buy, the second Target and the last to the grocery store.  Well 1 out of three ain't bad...

We wanted to get a flat screen tv, I was told by the BF that it was a necessary.  So I agreed with conditions, it had to be from Best Buy as I have the credit card and we can make monthly payments, it had to be under our budget and it had to be a good name brand one.  He wanted a 46' one so as long as they met the parameters I was fine with it.

So after weeks of searching and waiting, we saw one on sale that met all the conditons.  So off we go to the first one.  They did not have it in stock but they recommened antoher store that did.  So off we went to store number two.  Nope they did not have that one.  So we went to lunch and the BF used the Jesus phone to locate a store that did have one...45 miles away.  So off we went and we got it.  We got the last one, apparently it was on sale and they have been flying off the shelves.  

So then we had to fit the box in the car, they only had tape, so we taped it and went in search of rope.  We ended up in the store that shall not be named because I don't like it and got rope.  The the sky turned grey and I had to go back to the store that shall not be named to get tarp.  So the car was packed and we headed back to Chicago with our new TV and not paying the lovely Cook County 10% sales tax.  So we only hit Best was an all day process.

Diana and I had class last night.  It was all about tapas and it was delicious.  They made this amazing salad with jicama, avocado, grapefruit, cherry tomatoes, oil and lime.  It is as easy as that.  It was so good.  I learned to make bacon wrapped dates, sangria (I knew how to do that one but each recipe is different) and tortilla espanola.

These classes so make me want to cook.  I am so inspired that I know I will make them.  Plus with the summer there are the farmer markets and fresh fruits and veggies.  Yum.


Jessica said...

Just the idea of having my choice of Best Buy stores is totally foreign to me. The nearest one is 90 miles away, which is far enough that we wouldn't go unless we were already in that town for some other reason, not even for an awesome flat-screen sale. The next closest store is 175 miles away, unless of course there are Best Buys in Canada.

As for sales tax, remind me never to visit Cook County. 10%? Sheesh.

Sherri said...

Oh good lord! 10% sales tax?? Highway robbery.....

Teriana said...

I still haven't figured out why it's called the "Jesus Phone".

10% sales tax?!!

Slick said... got a big flat HDTV before I did?


Something ain't right. AM I the only person in the world that doesn't have one?!