Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Joined the bandwagon (AKA will you be my friend?)

Well when I was in NY with my friends I got some slack for not being on any social networking site. So after hearing all about it I joined one....facebook.

It has been a fun looking for people. I found one of my friends from when I used to live and work in the UK. Then I was pushing (ok nagged) the BF who was already on to be my friend and then classify me as his "relationship with person". I have found people from jobs and from school and then I found the ex (hence the regression to the BNL songs). Finding him brought back a flood of memories. No we are SO not friends nor do I intend to be.

I have been cautious to not put too much info as to prevent stalkers like me. But some things are there for my friends to find me. (An ironic statement at its finest!)

So while I am into this site for now and until I get bored with it.

If you want to be my friend, I am on face book


comebacknikki said...

I sent a friend request (using the email I have for you)... if you're under something different, look me up!

Slick said...

I have yet to check it out...

Maybe I should?

Just Another Bad Hair Day said...

That's so funny -- I just joined FB about two weeks ago.

I just sent you a friend request, too!