Thursday, June 26, 2008

The ma and the pa

Right now somewhere in the Ohio area, my parents are heading west. They left NY early this morning and are heading out to visit us this weekend.

In the past, I would have start to wail and gnash my teeth because a visit from my mom has not always been easy. She would come and then slowly start to nag and rearrange things. It would get to a point where she moved something that I needed and would start to argue. This time will be different because she is coming to our house and she would not dare to do that in our house.
My parents adore my BF and out of respect for him would not go about moving things and suggesting a better way to do this or that. Also my dad is with her and he tends to defend me with a "leave the girl alone" which has this magic effect of making her back off.

Plus they are staying in a hotel but that is more because we have a cat and we got the cat to "spite" them. My dad has minor allergies and my mom does not like cats so when we got Chaplin she took it personally as a sign that I don't want her to visit.

So this parental units visit should be a pleasure...but there are still bottles of wine at hand in case.

Plus the condo is pretty awesome so it will give her something to talk about other than snippets how my hair is too long, how that the salt should be put here etc.

We also have vodka....


Sizzle said...

Booze definitely helps in these situations.

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. Except in my case, it is my grandmother. She nags me relentlessly about things that just don't matter.

Good luck!

Slick said...

Sounds like you gonna need a fifth of Wild Turkey too ;)

Good luck!!

L Sass said...

Good luck! Visiting parents are definitely challenging.

Just Another Bad Hair Day said...

I'll be thinking of you while I drink that bottle of red (the one served in class) tomorrow night. Feel free to come by if you need a drink!

We're making sangria with it!! :)

Good luck!