Wednesday, January 07, 2009


This Saturday I head out east for a two week work assignment. That is two week straight, I am not coming home on the weekend because there is no point flying out late Friday night only to leave on Sunday afternoon. So I am staying there but I will get to see my parents and have the 1, 239 "discussion" about some aspect of the wedding and what they think we should do. The only reason I a seeing them is because I need three pants tailored and my mom sews (Note to self-learn how to sew) so that is the only reason. Next weekend I am seeing my friends and causing all sorts of havoc all over NYC but more than likely I will be too pooped to do anything crazy. At least I got booked at the good hotel not the creepy hotel so I can use the gym without any excuses. Plus I plan on being frustrated at times and it would be a good way to work through it.

I have an intensive schedule with meetings from 8-5 each day. Some meetings I will be more like a facilitator, others I will lead and yet others I will just be in attendance. One the one side, I am so glad to have gotten the green light and the green bucks to proceed with the project but on the other hand it is going to be a intense few months and I get stressed thinking about it. Plus the whole wedding is another project in itself.

Thankfully the BF has stepped up to the plate and has checked off a few things on our list and plans to tackle a few more items when I am gone. I am so glad because I can’t imagine doing two projects next week. Like me, is not too keen with me being gone, a few days is not a probe but after a two weeks it will be tough. the babies get a wee bit needy and do not like it when things are not the same. He can handle it but I will miss him and that is what is on my mind the most these past two days.

There is never a dull moment and I am glad to have a job in these times.

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