Monday, January 05, 2009

And the new year begins

I hope that everyone had a nice New Year's celebration.

I ended '08 with some stomach issues so that was a fun way to end the year. The BF and I spend the day running errands and with me purchasing some travel books about Paris and Barcelona then lunch then a few hours later me not feeling so good. We did make it to midnight with me whispering in my beloved's ear that we will be getting married in 8 months!

On New Year's day, we were informed that his brother got engaged. We are so happy for them, so that evening we went out to celebrate and I was able to pass along an extra planning book that I had. They are planning a fall wedding so there are two weddings this year.

We had a low key few days getting errands done, cleaning the piles of stuff that are around and sleeping. I slept for hours upon hours.

I did get some great news, last week I did an interview and one question was about a person that I lost touch with and if how will I re-connect. Well, I mentioned my friend and his wife who are in Scotland and that I was going to send the a wedding invitation. Well when we got engaged, I sent them an email and did not hear from them until yesterday. Due to work commitments, he has been unable to take the time to respond but that he will be thrilled to attend our wedding and said that wild horses would not keep him away. Unfortunately, his wife's fear of flying has gotten worse and she will not be able to attend. I am so thrilled.

2009 is looking good.

How has the year treated you?


Nilsa said...

Sometimes I wonder whether we WILL things to happen in our lives. That's really great news!

Diana said...

I broke up with J.

Happy New Year! :)

Just kidding. I'm such a freaking downer, huh? :)

It's so great to reconnect with old friends. Facebook has reconnected me with so many old friends -- even from grade school -- it's great! :)