Monday, April 06, 2009


For some reason I am in a" bullet" mood, so here we go

  • I twisted my ankle and fell at work the other day right under the "this facility has gone 240 days without an accident" sign, I have to check to see if they had to change it. Talk about irony...
  • My dress is in....I am very excited and I hope that I like it as much as I did when it was ordered
  • We ordered our invitations and are waiting for the digital proofs!
  • I have discovered this awesome wine and gourmet store 5 blocks away. The BF, a friend and I went to a wine and food tasting yesterday afternoon and got to try some really nice wines. I found a new red that does not give me head aches. Lets hear it for rioja!
  • My parents are coming into town this weekend
  • I have fallen off the gym bandwagon, I have to get back there tomorrow!

So what is your bulleted list?


SoMi's Nilsa said...

Is it a problem that I read your first sentence as, "for some reason I am in a bulimic mood" and got worried?

Christina said...

LOL, nope not me. I love food and hate throwing up.

kilax said...

I was so excited when I got my dress! I started having nightmares about it getting burned down with my apartment though. I ended up sending it to my husband's house since he had home owner's insurance.

Hmm, I never have good bullets! Well, one thing, I found out my parents are pretty sure they are coming May 2nd for our half marathon! That is exciting to me :)

Non Sequitur Chica said...

YAY for your dress coming in AND ordering your invitations! How exciting!