Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Water logged

So it has been raining off and on here in Chicago. It has been very annoying and the ground is waterlogged (but the trees are starting to bloom).

But we did not expect our condo to get waterlogged. Yesterday afternoon I was coming back from a trip to the store and went to the bathroom to wash my hands. I heard the whirlpool tub noise from our upstairs neighbors and thought nothing of it. I closed the door* and went to the kitchen. Then not more than 30 seconds later the dog was licking the floor in front of the bathroom and this dripping sound was getting louder. So I opened the door and saw water pouring from our vent and our light fixture. So I ran upstairs and knocked but the did not answer the door.

I went back down and started to place towels around and frantically called the BF who happened to be walking through the door at that exact moment. He ran upstairs and the neighbors came down with him. Apparently they** were taking a bath and had a "little" spillage. The developer also came by and took a few fixtures down.

The neighbors were very helpful and offered to do what they could. We just have to let things dry to ensure that the drywall is ok and that there is no mold issues.

So that is how we met the neighbors (officially) and why I had a straight daiquiri last night.

Ahh the joys of home ownership!

* the beasts love the bathroom and cause all sorts of havoc so we close the door to prevent them from being annoying

**The neighbors are a married couple with a very petite wife and a medium buid husband. So based on the ideas of physics and displacement we suspect that she was bathing and he joined her or they filled the tub and one of them got in cause the water to overflow.


SoMi's Nilsa said...

Oh my! We had a similar issue with our downstairs neighbors. Only we were at fault. And it had to do with our furnace, not behaving badly in the tub. =) Thankfully, we get along really well with our downstairs neighbors, so there were no hard feelings.

kilax said...

What a shock! I am happy the developer and neighbors were cool about it. What an interesting way to meet!

TitansFan said...

Oh the amount of laughter that probably induces for the guilty neighbors! I'm sorry that happened to you. I was in the same boat as your upstairs neighbors this year in college. My buddy Jeff owns the house and their are 6 apartments that share a huge bathroom. He was cool enough to install this Whirlpool Tub. One night after a buncha fun out with my girlfriend. We came back to the house with a romantic dip in the whirlpool tub in mind. Not thinking about the amount of water our bodies would displace we flooded the bathroom. This slowly trickled down to the neighbors bedroom below. It happened that they were asleep and they woke up to a completely soaked bed. Oops! I know we felt really bad about just as your neighbors did too. It does make for a funny story as long as you aren't on the receiving end.