Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Treats and trips

One of the BF's friends sends care packages to his mom and family in southern IL, he spreads the leftovers among his friends here. So he called the BF and told him about the treats. We met up with him last night at one of our favorite dive bars a block away and he gave us homemade spice nuts, ginger cookies and orange marmalade. He is an amazing cook! It was nice to just hang out and chat for a little while.

Tonight I have to forgo the gym to pack because I am heading out east for work. I am excited for this trip because it is for a seminar about Women and leadership. The topics sounds really interesting and I know that I will learn a lot. Plus I am travelling with one of my fav co-workers and my former boss who I love will be there too. So it will be very empowering!

Plus they are working on the office roof this week and it gets really annoying so I will be gone for the bulk of it.

The office is doing a "biggest loser" challenge and I am going to participate. We have a team of 4 and we are all talking about how we can win. I plan on eating better and adding a day or two at the gym.

Oh and my matron of honor by best friend in the world is back from her French vacation and I really missed her.

Things are looking up!

What are you looking forward to this week?

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kilax said...

Ooo! i had a lot of fun doing our Biggest Loser Challenge! I hope you do too!

The trip sounds interesting. I am excited to hear about it!