Monday, May 04, 2009

The locals

We try to support local businesses and I think that we do a pretty good job. We buy our groceries at a little grocery store a block away (and we save a ton), we are going to order our invitations from one of our fav stores and we bought our furniture from a local store. However, the furniture store is closing because the owner is retiring after 40 or so years.

So yesterday we went in to see what they had left. The two things we were needed were a sideboard and a coffee table (and a bed but that is on the back burner). We ended up getting a coffee table and almost got a sideboard.

Before we left the house we talked about how much we can spend while considering the variables of the wedding. We are trying to be better about money and have to start working on a budget.

So we left the sideboard at the store. It is sad that they will be closing their doors but there will be more sideboards in the world.

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SoMi's Nilsa said...

I echo you on trying to shop locally a bit more. You should find out what happens to all the unsold furniture in that store and/or the manufacturer of the sideboard you like. That way, you might run into the same sideboard when you're in a position to spend more money.