Thursday, October 11, 2007

Almost the one day weekend

It has been a relative slow week here in workville. Cousin it has been on sales calls so she has not the time to send me at least 15 emails an hour (yep she does this). Sadly, she is back tomorrow.

My new class begins on Saturday and I just have to remember that is is just 4 more weeks to go then I am done baby yep DONE!

Chaplin and Yukon are still getting used to each other. Yukon is fine but Chaplin gets brave the safer he knows he is. So when he is in bed he will hiss at Yukon likewise when he is in his room (the bathroom has been jerry rigged to allow the cat in but not the dog). We suspect he is more hissy when he knows Yukon won't get to him. But on the ground they can be within inches of each other without incident. I suppose it is a start!


Jessica said...

Four weeks! The light at the end of the tunnel must be almost blinding! :)

Christina said...

Almost! I hope it is not a train!

Superstar said...

GAWD!!! 15 e-mails!~ no wonder I have to talk to a computer and not a real person!
LOL ;o)

WHOO HOO! I remember just wanting it to be OVER!