Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink

Well I am on a quest to buy sneakers for the Y. I have a cute pair of pumas but they are more for fashion than arch support.

So a few weeks we went to a large sport store and I was looking. I have small feet so I have to look in the kids section and it is so depressing. I am too old for hot pink and silver! I just wanted a pair of shoe that can support my arch so I don't get shin splints. Is that so hard to ask?

Well apparently at this store yes! So after dinner we went to a shoe warehouse and it was like shoe heaven for most except me. They did not have my size they did not even sell kid shoes. They had the cutes shoes that I wanted but could only look at or hold.

It is so fucking frustrating because they never have anything that I like as far as sneakers are concerned and for other shoes it cost me a fortune because I have to buy them on line or a posh department stores.

The crappy thing is that I think I may have a pair somewhere in the apartment but it is so disorganized. I swear I am feeling so overwhelmed with all the clutter. I can't find some shoes nor can I unpack the last boxes because we have no where to put them. I am getting aggita just thinking about it seriously.

I am just overwhelmed and pissed off!


Erin said...

I completely relate to the clutter frustration. It drives me crazy and yet I somehow keep living with it rather than fixing it. Although, I'd be kidding myself if I thought I could really be as neat as my head would like things to be. I have far too much stuff.

Sometimes it feels really good to pick one thing to go through and just go crazy with it. But it can be overwhelming to even pick which thing to do. This happens to me every weekend! Every weekend, I say, "I'm finally going to get things together in this room" and then it doesn't happen.

Shoes...what about Zappos? I love Zappos. I don't know if that helps. I don't know how tiny your feet are. ;) I wear an 8. (Ha, my sister wears 10!) Feet are funny. I'm always jealous of the kids that have the roller shoes. You should totally get some of those!

Jessica said...

Didn't you once say you wear a size four??

Superstar said...

wow. I have never had a shoe not fit. In fact, when I am having a "fat" day, normally I head right to the shoe section and walk around in the beautiful, and luxerous shoes.
I look no, I mean, I GAZE into the mirror and admire the shoe line and my pretty slim foot...

So not finding a shoe that gave me a high on "fat" day...