Saturday, October 06, 2007


To say I am tired is an understatement. I am exhausted it has been a long and stressful week with work and with school. Part of the school thing was my own fault, I should have stated the paper a little while ago. But I did get all 21 pages as a draft done and frankly, I am tired of reading it!

We had some stress this week when we introduced the kids. Yukon has been peeing everywhere, part of it is that she drank all the toilet water the other day and part of it is aggression and territory. When the bf and I started to date and I would go to his apt. she would pee in front of me as if to say "I am the lady here!!" But it worked itself out. I am being a little prematurely paranoid because I want them to get along. But I know that it takes time.

There is still hissing and suspicion but I noticed that they are getting closer in proximity before the hissing begins. So I guess they may be buddies after all. Time I suppose but, I have always been a bit impatient.

On Thursday I hung out with Diana. OMG we have so much fun, she is a blast to hang out with and just talk. I swear we can close out a place if we could. We are going dessert tasting in a few weeks and I am so looking forward to that! She is one awesome chica!

Last night my former boss and friend and I went to support my bf's brother's girlfriend at an event for Spinal Bifida. It was a fashion show and was at this really cool venue. It was good to support here because she is so much fun, the two of us get along so well and I really enjoy hanging out and supporting her. The speaker Graham Webb was amazing and his daughters were the musical entertainment. The fashion show was amazing some of the clothes were just so well done.

Of course, it made me develop a complex! I have been having some body issues lately. I know it is normal but I am just not happy with myself. I know part of it is that I have not been taking good care of myself because of the stress of work and school. It is reeking havoc on my skin and this global warming fall is reeking havoc on my hair. I have been neglecting myself and it is showing and I am not pleased. I just don't feel pretty-ya know.

I am feeling soft in my body and need to firm up as well, But I am doing something about the softness on the belly, we joined the Y so this week will start our first sessions.

Plus to top it all off I got the photos from the wedding and I look like a ghost (as opposed to the orange fake baked bride). I am not a fan of photos of me, I really don't like them, I just don't photo well plus I am not a big fan of the nose. When I was 17 my mom wanted me to get a nose job! But I never did but it has made me so self conscious of my nose and myself in general.

I stopped reading the mags like glamour and cosmo more than 10 years ago because it really made me feel worse than I should have felt. So I am wondering why I care now

I don't know, maybe it is the PMS...

Wow this is a long post from someone who was tired...


Jessica said...

Ugh, I feel for ya. When Seth was born, I was completely exhausted for about seven months, and then just really tired for the next five or six months. The only thing that got me through it was the knowledge that it wouldn't last forever. (Refresh my memory. You graduate in December?)

The Chicago Blogger said...

Hey! Thanks for the mention! I had a blast on Thursday, as I always do when we hang out. You're so easy and fun to talk to -- did you notice the f-bombs were flying out of my mouth frequently? Yeah, that's a sign that I'm comfortable with a person. :) If I offended, a million apologies! :)

I hear ya on the body thing. If there's anything I can do to help/support you, you know I'm there!! :) Have you ever walked along the lakefront? It's pretty nice, we should do that on a Sat or Sun morning sometime! (then we can go have brekkie at Kitsch'n!)

Do you think if I yelled "fire" every time the desserts are plated, we could get everyone out of the store long enough to grab their desserts? :) Bring your big purse! :)