Monday, October 22, 2007

Bongos, a baseball bat and two pineapples

Well this weekend for class no less, we went to Swap-O-Rama.

What is Swap O Rama you ask, well it is this huge flea market. In fact there are three in Chicago land and they are huge. We went there for my negations class. We (my team and the BF came because it was not in the safest of areas) had to spend ten dollars and not pay full price. So i started off and got a baseball bat that the BF wanted for $3.00, then we as a team were on this musical theme, got the bongos for $2.00 and two pineapples for $5.00. So then we had to each lug our purchases back to school and discuss.

I got the weirdest looks on the EL heading home...I wonder why!


Teriana said...

Two pineapples for $5. Is that a good deal? I don't know. All my fruit comes pre-cut and dried.

Superstar said...

sounds like that game we play at Christmas time...White Elephant...
LOL ;o)

Just Another Bad Hair Day said...

Bongos for 2 bucks? That's a steal! :)

Which flea market did you go to? The only swap o rama I know of is in the burbs.

My parents are flea market fanatics! I spent many a Saturday morning as a child combing the aisles of many many flea markets for junk jewelry, toys and whatever would grab my attention for 10 seconds and then end up under my bed. lol

If you want some crazy melting pot flea market fun, head over to Roosevelt & Canal on a Sunday morning (go early!) -- it used to be over on Maxwell Street until UIC took things over to build dorms or something like that. You can buy anything from car parts to underwear! LOL

Although I don't know if I'd invest any money in flea market underwear. God only knows where they've been! :)

Christina said...

Teriana-well I think it is a good deal, Whole food has them at $3.99 plus I got a dollar knocked off for two

S-No kidding right, wanna swap?

D-This one was 4100 S Ashland and it is huge. They have toilet bowl there! They did have the undies as well as used porn.