Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Work it baby!

So last night, the bf and I made it to the gym! That is right I sweated, I cursed, I burned calories and I am not in pain today! I think that is the best part.

Actually, I only did a 30 minute work out just to phase myself back into the whole workout thing. I wanted to take a class but got closed out of it. So I did the stairmaster and the rowing machine.

Afterwards we went to Whole foods to pick up some dinner. We got these really yum chicken apple maple breakfast sausages and made an egg on English muffin dinner and pooped out. We slept like logs!

So now that the momentum started I have to keep it going. I have a pair of jeans I want to fit back in!


Amber said...

Best of luck with that to ya! I've had a pair of jeans I've been wanting to fit back into for like, uhm, four years now? That's so embarrassing when I really think about it, haha.

Oh well. Once I get settled back in GJ, I plan on started to swim at nights again. That's my favorite form of exercise!

Anyway, way to go on actually getting in there and workin' it, chica!

Just Another Bad Hair Day said...

Yay! Go girl!

My stupid blisters are finally healed to a point where I think I can start walk training again. :)