Thursday, April 10, 2008


We have gotten rid of two things so far or rather I should say people bought two things so far. We sold the blender and papasan chair and the couple who took the chair may take our three AC units. If they want to haul them down three flights of stairs and pay us for the privilege I am all for it.

I was sad to see that chair go but, I could not bear the though of leaving it out as garbage. , I've had it for years(since I moved to Brooklyn) but the BF finds it "impractical,". A few weeks ago his sister asked us what are our "wagon wheel table" (from When Harry Met Sally when their friends moved in together and he had this wagon wheel coffee table that they were arguing about, he ultimately lost) and the BF immediately responds with the papasan chair. My response was his Gene Simmon's Kiss Collectible doll ehh "figure". But really it does not annoy me, I got used to it.

However, that has been replaced with the vitamin dispenser. In all the nearly two years of dating and one year of cohabitation, I never knew this existed. It was a purchase from a famous mall electronic gadget store and it is about 18 inches tall. You open the compartments and put your vitamins or meds there and then you press a button and it automatically dispenses that day's pills. Yes he paid money for that!!! The best part is that he forgot about it and it still has vitamins inside of it!

I was laughing so hard when I saw it and was teasing him about it.

Now he wants to keep it

I am damned!


Diana said...

A vitamin dispenser????

We had a papasan chair for years, too. It also didn't make the move. Charles hated it but I looooooved it.

Hopefully someone else loved it, too.

Jessica said...

No way does he get to keep a vitamin dispenser that was forgotten and now has nasty old vitamins in it. No. Way.

Christina said...

Yes it does exist. I will have to take a photo!

Slick said...

Ooooo, sounds like a cool piece of electronics. You can't get rid of that!