Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Get ready, get set....

So tonight begins the first round of "the move".

We have our walk through with our real estate agent and the inspector. Tomorrow we are both off so we will pack, drop of items at the salvation army, run errands and hit the bank for the all important check!

Friday is the closing. (I just read that again, I need to take a breath)


On the decorating side I think that I found the sofa. We are looking for a new sofa for the new condo because mine has seen some better days. The BF's requirement is that it is leather and would prefer a sectional. I want a sleeper sofa. Well after searching web sites I think that I found one that fits both of our needs and is on sale which makes it fall way under our budget.

I can't wait to see the place tonight with the painting done and the granite countertops installed!

The fun has just begun!


Jessica said...

I can't believe you're ready to close on Friday!!

sid said...

Good luck with the move

Amber said...

Sheesh, woman!

I am absent (more or less) from the blogosphere for a few weeks and you manage to have (several) run-ins with a scary hobo, get your diploma(s) in the mail, have tons of fun, get drunk a couple of times, get promoted, pick out new furniture/colors, AND close on a new condo?

Dude... you are a brave, brave, woman and a very busy one at that!

I'm so proud of you and very happy for you as well! I'm glad things are working out so well, hun :). Take care of yourself and keep on writing so I can stay involved when I get my internet time every couple of weeks!

(Can't wait to either move onto campus for school or get into my own place where I can afford internet, ha!)

Superstar said...

~claps hands~
This is great news! YEAH!!!

Isn't furniture shopping a pain? Its such a pain!!!

I see your life is a jammed up as mine!