Wednesday, April 02, 2008


I think that I may have developed a case of allergies. I do not have nasal or stuffy head issues, I am dizzy. I feel like it is vertigo and it is worse especially after waking yo. Last year when I went to the doctor about this he told me it was an ear issue but I did not have an infection so he gave me a herbal supplement to take. I still had those so the other night I began to take them. I think that it is time for a proper visit to an allergist now.

So I am feeling a bit tipsy and not the good kind.

For the bf's golden birthday the other day I got him a new video game as one of his gifts so last night he as playing with it and was showing me how to play. So now my finger hurts and my head was spinning and I have Japanese pop songs in my head.


Superstar said...

gawd, I LOVE happy allergies pills!! LOL

Hope you feel better soon!!

Satia said...

Vertigo = NOT fun!

I hope your allergist is able to help. I have vertigo that went misdiagnosed for over a year. It (I) was pretty miserable, especially after taking so many tests (3 MRIs, CT Scan, ultrasound, etc.) and not having an answer.

Whatever else you do, even if one doctor can't get to the bottom of the cause, do not give up on finding your answers!

Christina said...

Thansk you two!

Actually today I am not as "spinny" as I was so maybe the natrual pills are working. Yea!

Anonymous said...

I stopped taking allergy medication. I use a Neti pot every night and it's changed my life.

Just Another Bad Hair Day said...

Hey girl -- glad to hear you are feeling better. :)

What's the herbal supplement that you take? The PRM gets vertigo from time to time, and I thought I'd tell her about what you take.

See you Saturday! :)

Erin said...

Watch out for the herbal supplements only because they can have weird things in them. And they aren't regulated. Not that everything the FDA approves is safe for everyone...

I was taking an herbal supplement a while back which was prescribed by a doctor at a hospital and about a month later, I became very, very ill. It turns out that my body was building up some sort of allergic reaction to something in that supplement which then caused my body to attack itself and infections and basically all sorts of nastiness. I was spending every day at urgent care getting fluids and blood draws, I had to crap in a plastic container and then put it in sample cups for testing... you get the picture.

So, the moral of the story is, eat your vegetables.

Teriana said...

What kind of tea could help vertigo?