Wednesday, April 09, 2008


So we went out for sliders last night. We got home at around 6 pm, I was in my pjs at 6;03 and by 6:34 I was falling asleep watching Family Guy. Around 7:40 I got up and then "it" began.

The rumble in the tummy that YOU know is not a good sign. It is your body screaming "Girl what the Hell! did you eat?!" So then the pain and discomfort began, I went back to the couch and then when it subsided a bit went to take a shower. The it was back on the couch to watch some TV and then to bed still in a wee bit of discomfort. At about 3 something this morning. The BF's tummy began to rumble and off he went to the loo or "reading room".

The last time we both had the stomach issue was New Year's day 2007 when we had some Chinese food at his sister's house in the boondock burbs. We both were so sick after that event. We both had to race to the bathroom at the same time, the next day we were so miserable. After that episode I swore off Chinese food and have not had a morsel since then. Once a food item cause stomach issues it is off my list.

That is why I do not eat any sea food. An episode at 7 years of age and scallops caused them to be first off my list. But I still ate tuna until 7th grade biology dissection class. That is when I officially swore off fish or any living thing that once spent a good portion of their life living in water.

So the long and short of it is...No more White Castle for me

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Teriana said...

I changed my mind. Sliders don't sound so tasty.