Monday, April 07, 2008


So we are moving in exactly two weeks and to say that I am stressed is an understatement. The BF and I are making an effort to get rid of some furniture and other items that we do not need in the new place or use (like the dining room set, the espresso maker and foot spa plus many other appliances). So we happened to mention this to our respective friends and co-workers.
Immediately, people started to lay "dibs" on items. Great, we were pleased because we can make a few dollars (in some cases) and give it to people who we know would appreciate them. The only caveat is that they had to come and pick the stuff up.

So do you think anyone has....nope. The calls we made went to VM and emails have not been responded to. A simple "no we don't want it anymore" would be fine. We want to get rid of these things so we have spaces for our boxes. We are running out of room

We decided to try and post things on Craigslist and we got a few bites but after the initial email to ask them to pick the item up there is no response. So to add to the stress we now are going to donate some items to either Howard Brown or Salvation Army but the whens and hows are still not logistically worked out

The both of us are so disappointed in people!


Teriana said...

Any boyscout troops in your area? I've heard they will haul away almost anything from your home so they can sell it at their yard sale later.

comebacknikki said...

You should post your stuff on freecycle - seriously, people in Chicago will jump all over it. I've never waited more than two days to get rid of anything I posted there.

Jessica said...

Yup, our local Boy Scouts will accept all manner of crap. The catch is that you must be willing to donate it. And you know, the Salvation Army might pick it up, too, if you promise them that it's good stuff, not crap, and again, if you're willing to donate it.

Christina said...

Thanks, those are great ideas.

I am not sure about boy scouts but it may help to look.

Freecycle sounds good too, I may use them!