Tuesday, July 24, 2007

More shoes saga

I resisted for one day...i don't know how much longer...

They come in black, grey and brown!


Erin said...

Those are pretty cute, although I'm not sure I would wear them. I don't have a cool shoe collection and comfort is the most important thing to me.
I wouldn't even know what to wear shoes like this with. Tell me!

Christina said...

I am thinking tha thte black ones (they comein black grey and brown as well) would look cute for work and always with jeans!

Plus they have a wedge heel so it is not too bad on the toes!

The Chicago Blogger said...

Totally cute. I think Mary Jane style shoes are so cute. And I love the rounded toe.

I'd buy 'em, but that's just me. ;)

Superstar said...

I only like them in Red.
Enough said!
Get a purse to match!