Monday, June 02, 2008

The Menagerie

We have added 10 new additions to the casa. Gold fish for our "pond".

Last week, it a fit of gardening we purchased some water lilies to see if we can make them grow. We got a plastic vase like bucket and dropped them in the water. They are starting to sprout and the BF was afraid of mosquitoes (especially since a mosquito with West Nile was found in a west suburb were his sister and her fam live). So to combat the bugs the BF decided we should get fishes.

So yesterday we introduced 10 of them and they seem to be okay so far. No floaters!

Although I am not allowed to name them to quote the BF "I am not going to listen to you cry because "Harry" or whatever you would name the fish died. I would not even know which one he is anyway."

Got to love him!


Diana said...

Well, you could just name all of them "Harry", right? That way every one could keep them straight.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the fish. I am not good with them. I haven't had one that lived more than 3 days.

Christina said...

Diana-That is true but I fear I may give the female ones a complex. :)

Deb-When we got fish it was the fish that we got at the summer fair and the longest that they lasted was a week.

Slick said...

Well, when they float, at least you'll have a cheap dinner?

What? I'm just sayin...