Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Only a Decade

Tomorrow I am heading to the wonderful area of Upstate New York for my 10 (gulp) year college reunion.

I will be heading to Swigmore U (no that is not the real name) to see my friends and I am beyond excited. Some of my friends who came for another milestone will be there which means that I have not seen some of them for over a year and a half. Some of my other friends who will be there I haven't seen in about 5 years!

I am excited to go back to the place that I called home for 4 years. I met my closest and dearest friends there. In fact, I do not keep in touch with friends from high school or earlier but talk to my friends from college often.

College itself was not full of wine and roses it was tough. Classes were challenging, there was always some sort of drama, there were roommate issues, there were boy issues, there were lifestyle issues, there were late night discussions, plenty of interesting drinks made! There was the finals which had us up late and punchy due to amounts of chocolate and soda or coffee consumed. There were tons of slices of pizza and wing consumed, the utter dismay of the cafeteria selections, the fire drills at 3:20 am (a special shout out to the drunk pudgy freshman to who decided in his infinite wisdom to see if the sprinkler system pipes could hold did not)
There was the semester abroad in London. There was the graduation where we just were amazed we made it and were scared shitless as what to do next.

Here we are 10 years later Some are single, some in relationships, some are married, some are divorced, a few went to grad school. There have been ups and downs tears and laughter. There have been a lot of job changes and promotions. We all lost one of our dear college friends in 2000 at the age of 24 due to cancer, we cried a lot over that loss and had each other to comfort. We've moved all over the country.

But this weekend some of us are heading back to where we really grew up and were some of the foundations as to who we are were solidified. But the best part is seeing my friends!


Slick said...

I never went to college.

If I did, I probably would've lost my virginity a lot sooner than I did...but 26 ain't too bad I guess.

Have fun, girl!

Just Another Bad Hair Day said...

Have a great time!

We need to do dinner or something soon. After watching Top Chef last night, I'm in the mood for Puerto Rican food! There's a new place in Humboldt Park (or Bucktown) that supposedly serves upscale-y PR food. I didn't think that existed! lol

Miss you! :)

Diana said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend you'll be having.

Superstar said...

I have never heard of a college reunion..LOL I think that is great. The more I think about it...the more Id rather see my college chums...
Next year is my 20 HS reunion. ~shakes head~
Gawd Im getting old!

ohhh the trips down amnesia lane!!!

Jessica said...

Have fun!

Teriana said...

Sounds like fun. I can't wait until my 10 year graduation, 'cause then that would mean I finally graduated.