Tuesday, September 04, 2007

New career

I should have been a vet! Seriously they make the dough and it is hand over fist. I picked up the little beast today and got the bill, and out of pure numbness handed them my credit card and it cost more than our plane tickets to NYC! I mean they charged us for everything! I swear and there were tons of people. But then again, you would have to put little ones to sleep and I think that it would get to me very quickly.

Meanwhile, I am back at work and it sucks. One ops manger told me that he had a lot of questions for me and could not contact me and there were some delays. I was thinking:

-If you called me you would have still fucked it up
-You did not call me and you fucked it up
-I left some instructions and it was fucked up

So basically, don't mess with my vacation because they still fuck it up the jobs...away or not!


Anonymous said...

I totally know what you're saying about the vet bills. It's insane how much they charge you. And pet insurance is a joke. I've looked into it. Ugh.

Superstar said...

7 years of school I might as wel be a DOCTOR!!!!
LOL ;o)
I wish I married a vet! $$$
Don't waste money on pet insurance.
HONEST to god!