Monday, November 10, 2008

Another Saturday night

So on Saturday night at 6 pm, where were you? Were you out on the town, watching TV, going to the movies?

I was sleeping on the couch. I was exhausted and it was only the middle of the weekend! There I was out cold while the BF was playing his video game. I was so tired from the day and Friday night. On Friday we went to look a possible wedding venue, then on Saturday morning, we had boot camp where Sgt, Crunch berries really pushed us and we did a lot of leg and arm work. My legs and butt are still killing me. Then that afternoon we went to look at two more venues and eliminated one. After that we grabbed a great late lunch/early dinner and went to do a few errands. Then I fell asleep, I woke up at around 9 to check my email and then went back to bed. Even the cat was confused as to why I was in *his* spot so early in the evening.

Sunday I lounged in bed for a bit then we went to visit the BF's dad and my friends who just had a little boy 6 weeks ago. He is so darling and made me kind of want one. My friends are so happy but sleep deprived and it was awesome to see them. We made it home and the Sunday night rituals of getting back into the swing of things and getting ready for work began.

At least there is next weekend to look forward too!


Slick said...

Good gracious girl.

Well, at least you've caught up on your sleep. You shouldn't need any this week, right?? :)

Jessica said...

Really? Kind of wanted one of your own? For just a millisecond, right? :) I suppose it's far too soon for me to start anticipating some kind of fab announcement from you and the BF.