Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday snow

I am working from home today and just turned to look out the window and their are flurries! It is quite pretty and typical. As long as I've been here it almost always snows near Thanksgiving!

This weekend was very very productive. We've been busy doing wedding stuff these past few weeks and neglected other things. So this weekend we spent time wandering around Evanston, doing random errands and just getting some things done. I bought a new winter coat that I needed and the BF got some spices that he had been wanting.

Saturday evening, I met up with D and CBN at the chopping block. It was the food and wine of Burgundy. It was so delicious, and with the exception of the escargot, I cleaned my plate. Plus it was my favorite instructor and she is so awesome!

For lunch on Sunday, I met Nilsa. It was so great to meet her, we were chatting non stop and she gave me some great wedding tips and recommendations. Plus she recycled her wedding mags and I can't wait to go through them. I am so glad that I met another blogger.

Afterwards, the BF and I did some cleaning, hung a few photos and prints and called it a day.

Just have to get through this one day of work then I am officially on vacation!

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Nilsa said...

You just reminded me I owe you a list of wedding vendors ... getting on that pronto!