Sunday, November 16, 2008

Finally a decision!

Well the BF and I found the place where we hope we can host our wedding reception. At first I was so overwhelmed with the questions and emails. Then we got that under control but the realization about how much places cost. It put me in a mini panic attack.

But we think we found the venue that is not too typical and is us. I am not going to reveal the details just yet.
I am very very excited. Now we have to just work on the details. We are taking my mom with us to check out a wedding expo in a few weeks and hopefully we can find what we are looking for.
One interesting thing that happened yesterday as we were checking out the last of the few venues. We stopped at a Croc store, you know the shoes:

And I scoffed, but I wanted to see what the big deal was with these shoes. So I tried a pair on and I was hooked. But what amazed me was the variety and I got a cute pair of these:

Cute huh and they are super comfy! I must say I am reformed. The BF got a pair too and is considering wearing them when we get married. So we shall see, I told him that I want him comfy so that works for me.

I also met with with Diana for our bootcamp class and the teacher canceled again. We were pissed and that was it for me. That was my last class, she went to the gym and I used my Wii Fit.
On Tuesday this blog will participate in Blog Secret, it will contain a secret from another blogger and my secret will be hosted on another blog. Thanks to Nilsa for setting this up. Be sure to check it out


Superstar said...

Comfort means so much...but there is nothing I LOVE better than finding JUST the RIGHT pair of shoes....LOL

Good luck!

I think all that you are going thru and remember WHY people elope!!!

Slick said...

Nooooo, you're a Croc wearer now??

Oh Lawd...they got you too!

Come to the light to the light!! ;)

Good luck with the venue!!