Monday, February 02, 2009

Snooping on myself

I wanted to double check that I registered for something at one of the stores that we spent hours in with a scanner so I logged in. Lo and behold, some of our items have been purchased but I can't help feel bad that I know but I don't know who purchased them. I am going to try to limit myself from checking because I want to be surprised.

However, the sham WOW that the BF registered for is still available.

Enough about the wedding. I have to head back to the land of guidos and speedos on Wednesday for one night. I will be back on Thursday but then head out again on Monday until Wednesday night. Lucky for me, I have a few documents that show that my in person time in NJ will not be as demanding as I thought as most of the work will be done remotely. But that can change but for now it is a nice notion.

Oh and it will be in the 40s on Friday, let the melting commence!

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SoMi's Nilsa said...

I was really good at first about not checking our registry at all. But then it started with something innocent, like following up after a bridal shower. I began checking it more and more. By the time our wedding rolled around, I pretty much knew the gifts we'd receive. Well, those gifts from people who opted to use our registry as guidelines for gifts. =)