Monday, February 23, 2009

EX does not mark the spot!

I ordered two pairs of shoes from a company that specializes in people with smaller feet. Since they are such a niche company things sell out fast and once I got the catalogue I drooled from page one until that last page. But I have to be rational and narrow it down. So from 5 I picked 3 and then from those three I picked two and could not decide between the two so I decided to get both.

I could justify them because I can use them for parties and showers. Plus one pair may be used in our engagement photo session and one pair will be perfect with my rehearsal dinner dress and another dress that I plan to wear to the BF's brother's wedding in October. Of course they will come with me to Paris and Barcelona and I have some outfits that will work with them. So I have definite plans for them.

Fed Ex however has decided that my shoes will be delayed. Due to the service selected they only delivery between Tuesday and Saturday. Ok I am fine with that after all they are coming to my office so I know that I will get them. The problem that I have is that they come after business hours so we are closed. So I call them today to ask them to put a note that advises the local depot of our hours. They can't do that!

I worked in customer service and I worked in a business that deals with similar not the same customer request. There was always a way that we could take changes of info and pass it along to our vendors. Vendors prefer to be kept informed. So it is understandable why I am unhappy with Fed Ex's service right now. So much for customer service.

I will be so pissed if my shoes get returned.


SoMi's Nilsa said...

That's strange that they deliver after business hours. I don't get it, given MOST of FedEx's deliveries are to businesses that are likely closed in the evenings...

Diana said...

Don't get me started on friggin FedEx. Their customer service reps are AWFUL.

Christina said...


kilax said...

Wow, I am really surprised! Ugh. This reminds me of an awful story. When I lived in Rome one summer, my fiance sent me a care package. It came to my school while I was in London for the weekend, and since I wasn't there, they SENT IT BACK. I was devasted. Devastated that he put the time into it (putting it together and sending it) and that I didn't get all the thoughtful goodies.

It arrived at his home the day after I returned home from Italy.

I hope your shoes come and you don't have to deal with any bs.